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Title Hoarders

Title Hoarders


In my past articles I have mentioned the different kinds of teachers we see at the day care.

There is Teacher number one who try their best regardless of who’s looking. They are looking out for the best intention for their students. Teacher number two however is only there for the title and money (fame).However it is often those that do not try that exceed in getting ahead.

It is very easy stick a sticker on your head and then say, “I’m helping” but are you really?


Or are you just here for the label that comes with it. In turn actually hurting those around you.

What are the agenda’s? So you want to do it to help? Or do you only do it to get paid.

That is the differences we need to start learning.  People with self-proclaimed labels walking around here like Demi Gods being worshiped as such. I point again to my popularity statement.

Once you are popular the world is your oyster. But what you do with that oyster is what defines the kind of teacher you want to be further on.

And do not get me wrong you do not have to be popular to get the message across. Oh it helps alright. People are more willing to listen. You get the message further across. However how many of us know the people who work in the back grounds?

People who make an effort to go the extra mile. Not to have control but to really help. Because they want to.

They do not advertise it. They do not slap a sticker on it and proclaim themselves Kings.

Those are the kind of people we need to support. Or to be honest they will get tired, and they will leave. And where does that leave us?

Scary isn’t it. To know you have been supported by back ground forces while you blindly hang onto the words of public figures.


Thus title hoarders. People who purposefully gather titles to raise their self-importance but in actual fact they are nothing but a popular name on a pretty screen that only help when eyes are looking.

The real teachers are getting tired. They are getting tired of fixing the title hoarders mistakes. They are tired of trying to salvage what is left. They are tired of being there. And they are retreating.

What will we have left but a place filled with delusion and half-truths. All covered in glitter of course because you know. Title hoarding is a glamorous business after all.

-OVC in the eyes of a day-care worker


The mean girl effect

The mean girl effect and social manipulation

Now I can hear you asking me why is this related to daycare and i ask you have you
ever seen a group of kids aged 4-5 in action?

little ankle biters can barely tie their shoes but they are masters at social manipulation.
in the daycare you observe things, things kids do, things they say.
And what stands out among other things is the mean girl effect.
This is the case where a group of friends decides
on an outcast and they will pick on that outcast come hell or high water.

It is often seen they will isolate themselves from the others as well only sticking to their chosen
group. We see it in movies the high school blonde bitch club saying ” you can’t sit here”

Well it is observed in daycare as well. more in the lines of “if you don’t do that you are not my friend”
“you can’t play with us”,” if you talk to them we will not play with you”
Yes social manipulation. Honestly if you look at it we as people
learn it since we are babies. Yes your little bundle of joy is manipulating you.
It starts with crying :), they pick up the habits when they cry they get what they want.
So they start doing it for various things. That leaks over into tantrums, and as they get older
it eventually blows over into full manipulation. We realize the strings we can pull to get what we want
we learn what to say to get reactions, and as you get to know a person you know their triggers to keep them at your side. As much as you would like to deny it everyone does it! Even adults have tantrums every now and again to get their way. That is human nature.

often it takes a step higher, into the mean girl effect. making others feel unworthy of being in one’s presence. I see it a lot in the OVC.
Little clicks and groups of individuals who keep to themselves in their little space out casting anyone who dares come close.

The problem with that is the biased views that come along with it. Call it brainwashing if you will.
The people involved in these little clicks are often like-minded and rarely will you get one breaking from the pack in fear of being outcast like the rest.
That is indeed a form of manipulation.

So like kids they cram together and keep together. Teasing others and belittling non members
Like kids they get upset when caught… and then the tantrum comes..

So how do we break the stigma of the mean girl effect? well i don’t think it can be done.
It’s been ingrained in us since childhood. And its a clear factor in the OVC.
Is it one of the problems often overlooked?
yes…yes indeed it is
Have you seen it happen?
Of course you have. And if you are offended by this article it’s very likely you are part
of the issue I am addressing here.

– OVC in the eyes of a daycare worker

OVC and daycare?

Now it’s really a concept one has to go think about before you get it.

But daycare and the online vampire communities are really actually very similar.

Let us start with a basic dynamic of the lay out:

We have our classes(groups): Every class(group) is run by a set of teachers(admins), assistant(mods) or the lone teacher. The teachers all have different rules, different mindsets, and different way of doing this, but there is always a main core to the rules. Don’t be rude. don’t fight. listen to your teacher.

Let us dissect our teachers for a second here. We get two types:

  1. The kind of teachers that decide they love their work. They enjoy teaching and they get a certain satisfaction that makes up for their crappy paycheck. They are the Admins and leaders who generally go out of their way to teach the newly awakened and help when it’s needed.
  2. And then we have the teachers that are only there to get paid; VC-wise, via attention, fame, influence, etc. They don’t really care what the kids do as long as it doesn’t get them personally in trouble. Their pay check is what counts in these circumstances. They will go through great lengths to get as far up the principal’s rear end as possible. The more the boss likes you, the more you can get away with 😉

Then we get the principal: This person has done the rounds and had had their share. They sit in their office and keep half an eye on this, mostly busy with background work.

However, it is a sad fact that the principal is often not there to see what is going on. So the teachers (Type2) feel the need to inform them of situations as per their view. In that way the (Type1) teachers get overlooked. Often resulting in them leaving, and the classes are at the mercy of the (Type2) teachers. In some occasions the (Type1) teachers stick around, but mostly they just leave to start on their own.

Also to mention the teachers can choose which kids they want in their classes or not, any kid who is a little different or difficult to handle is passed onto the next class for no one wants the effort.

Now to get to those kids..

We have the jokers : Those who are the little class clowns.

The trouble makers: The ones who go out of their way just to get you in a huff. They can look you in the eye and do the thing you told them not to!

The teachers’ pets: Can be found at teachers side constantly

The black sheep: No matter what this kid does they teacher has found a dislike in them and is sticking with it.

The ninjas: Now these kids are the ones to look out for. That is if you can catch them. They wait until you look away then they strike. They whisper into other’s ears and sit back to watch as you lecture the poor victims on doing something they were instigated to do.

The sucker: These kids are easily influenced. They will do just about anything anyone tell them to, perfect victims for the ninjas.

Now that we have a general idea of what I am talking about, I challenge you to go back and look over the OVC. The groups, the teachers and the behaviors, the tantrums, the fights, the declaration of “THIS IS MINE!”

Oh and let’s not forget. The “If your friends with them i wont be friends with you anymore…”

I really challenge you to open your mind and then come tell me the OVC is not basically a day care for grownups.

– OVC in the eyes of a daycare worker





Do we understand what it means to be bullied?

How do we as OVC folk see the words “bullying” and “harassment”?

We complain lines are being crossed but do we know where to draw the line?  Do we know where and what that line is? Or have we adopted the words merely to draw support in a losing case?

It’s not only the line that has been forgotten. The whole concept is being warped. People don’t know what bullying means anymore. They don’t know what harassment means anymore.

In the eyes of the OVC, everything that goes against what you believe in opinions and subject matter is bullying and harassment. We are like sensitive emo teens cutting our wrists with spoons, jumping off front porches and complaining of the darkness in a world we have yet to even get by 10% of exploring. A difference in opinion is not harassment. Pointing out the obvious flaw and giving an opportunity to discuss it is not bullying.

It always surprises me that the people who most often yell harassment and bully arethe ones doing it. After all, the appearance of a conversation is the key . The mentality of the OVC people is easily convinced. Just a few little words can make the world of a difference.

Don’t be the child who hits the other one with a block on the head and then cries when they get seen. It takes the attention off the child who really did get hurt.

TIP: “What we put into a child’s mind is what shapes his or her views in the future.”

– OVC in the eyes of a daycare worker.

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