Title Hoarders


In my past articles I have mentioned the different kinds of teachers we see at the day care.

There is Teacher number one who try their best regardless of who’s looking. They are looking out for the best intention for their students. Teacher number two however is only there for the title and money (fame).However it is often those that do not try that exceed in getting ahead.

It is very easy stick a sticker on your head and then say, “I’m helping” but are you really?


Or are you just here for the label that comes with it. In turn actually hurting those around you.

What are the agenda’s? So you want to do it to help? Or do you only do it to get paid.

That is the differences we need to start learning.  People with self-proclaimed labels walking around here like Demi Gods being worshiped as such. I point again to my popularity statement.

Once you are popular the world is your oyster. But what you do with that oyster is what defines the kind of teacher you want to be further on.

And do not get me wrong you do not have to be popular to get the message across. Oh it helps alright. People are more willing to listen. You get the message further across. However how many of us know the people who work in the back grounds?

People who make an effort to go the extra mile. Not to have control but to really help. Because they want to.

They do not advertise it. They do not slap a sticker on it and proclaim themselves Kings.

Those are the kind of people we need to support. Or to be honest they will get tired, and they will leave. And where does that leave us?

Scary isn’t it. To know you have been supported by back ground forces while you blindly hang onto the words of public figures.


Thus title hoarders. People who purposefully gather titles to raise their self-importance but in actual fact they are nothing but a popular name on a pretty screen that only help when eyes are looking.

The real teachers are getting tired. They are getting tired of fixing the title hoarders mistakes. They are tired of trying to salvage what is left. They are tired of being there. And they are retreating.

What will we have left but a place filled with delusion and half-truths. All covered in glitter of course because you know. Title hoarding is a glamorous business after all.

-OVC in the eyes of a day-care worker