The mean girl effect and social manipulation

Now I can hear you asking me why is this related to daycare and i ask you have you
ever seen a group of kids aged 4-5 in action?

little ankle biters can barely tie their shoes but they are masters at social manipulation.
in the daycare you observe things, things kids do, things they say.
And what stands out among other things is the mean girl effect.
This is the case where a group of friends decides
on an outcast and they will pick on that outcast come hell or high water.

It is often seen they will isolate themselves from the others as well only sticking to their chosen
group. We see it in movies the high school blonde bitch club saying ” you can’t sit here”

Well it is observed in daycare as well. more in the lines of “if you don’t do that you are not my friend”
“you can’t play with us”,” if you talk to them we will not play with you”
Yes social manipulation. Honestly if you look at it we as people
learn it since we are babies. Yes your little bundle of joy is manipulating you.
It starts with crying :), they pick up the habits when they cry they get what they want.
So they start doing it for various things. That leaks over into tantrums, and as they get older
it eventually blows over into full manipulation. We realize the strings we can pull to get what we want
we learn what to say to get reactions, and as you get to know a person you know their triggers to keep them at your side. As much as you would like to deny it everyone does it! Even adults have tantrums every now and again to get their way. That is human nature.

often it takes a step higher, into the mean girl effect. making others feel unworthy of being in one’s presence. I see it a lot in the OVC.
Little clicks and groups of individuals who keep to themselves in their little space out casting anyone who dares come close.

The problem with that is the biased views that come along with it. Call it brainwashing if you will.
The people involved in these little clicks are often like-minded and rarely will you get one breaking from the pack in fear of being outcast like the rest.
That is indeed a form of manipulation.

So like kids they cram together and keep together. Teasing others and belittling non members
Like kids they get upset when caught… and then the tantrum comes..

So how do we break the stigma of the mean girl effect? well i don’t think it can be done.
It’s been ingrained in us since childhood. And its a clear factor in the OVC.
Is it one of the problems often overlooked?
yes…yes indeed it is
Have you seen it happen?
Of course you have. And if you are offended by this article it’s very likely you are part
of the issue I am addressing here.

– OVC in the eyes of a daycare worker